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Homestyle taste you can trust.

Satisfy your family’s craving for comfort food classics with Family Buffet frozen entrées. With dinnertime classics like Salisbury Steak, Meatloaf and Char-Broiled Beef, dinner is ready in a flash. Sit back and relax for dinner.

Our Products

  • Gravy and Salisbury Steaks

    A flame broiled favorite topped with our rich, homestyle gravy. Pair with creamy mashed potatoes for a delicious comfort classic.

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  • BBQ Sauce and Boneless Rib Shaped Patties

    Mouth-watering boneless rib shaped patties grilled to perfection and smothered in our own tangy barbecue sauce. Enjoy this favorite year round with sweet corn and cole slaw.

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  • Gravy and Char-Broiled Patties

    Our own savory mushroom gravy poured over juicy, charbroiled patties. Serve over mashed potatoes for an instant favorite.

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  • Gravy and Meatloaf Slices

    Our own hearty homestyle gravy layered over sliced and tender meatloaf. Pair with crisp baked potatoes and peas or enjoy as a classic meatloaf sandwich.

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  • Gravy and Sliced Turkey

    Succulent sliced turkey covered in our rich turkey gravy. Pair with cranberry sauce and a salad for a homemade favorite.

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  • Onion Gravy and King-Size Patties

    King-size patties for king-size appetites. Flame broiled to lock in natural flavor, and covered in our own signature onion gravy.

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  • Broccoli in Cheese Sauce

    Simply steamed broccoli topped with velvety cheese sauce. Tastes great alongside any other Family Buffet entrée.

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